Underfloor heating systems are a perfect way to create warm comfort within living areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. The heating system is placed close to the floor surface and due to the even heat distribution upside you are getting the optimum heating climate in your room.
    Warmfloor heating systems can be used both as a central heating unit and as a supplemental system. It is always our recommendation to partner your heating system with insulation; this lowers heat up times significantly and further increases efficiency.


    Apart from blocking your pipes with ice, the ice expands as it gets colder. This means that your pipes could split and cause a leak. When the ice melts this water can cause severe structural damage.
    This not only results in costly plumber call outs, but expensive repair work to the affected building and adding builders labour to your repairs.


    When hot taps are infrequently used, the water resiidng in the distribution pipework cools ans is usually run to watse before hot water from the storage cylinder arrives at the tap.
    HotWat will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself. It's power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature. It's self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability.

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